Dr. Panciera's concern for student wellbeing is unmatched by any other professor I have had at MSOE. Additionally, the way she runs the course is fun and engaging.
- Student in SS 3630 Design Thinking

A white woman with short brown hair looks into the camera. She has gray eyes and a large smile showing her top row of teeth. She's wearing a gray colorless blazer and a red shirt with a split v neck. Her round pendant necklace shows two mountains with the aurora borealis above them. The background is royal blue.

The professor provides all the resources needed to succeed in this class. Class time really is used well to expand on the given resources.
- Student UX 361 UX Research

I’m an Assistant Professor in the UX program at MSOE. In my previous life I was a UX Researcher at Google.
I teach UX courses along with occasional humanities, social sciences, and software engineering courses.
I’m based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you’re looking for me at MSOE, look in DH 435.
I really enjoy teaching and working with undergraduate students. I’m excited to make a difference in the field by training future generations of professionals.

Katie, your ability to swing into action and do just enough research just in time is impressive. Within *a couple hours* of a contentious topic being raised on a project that wasn't even on your radar, you grokked the issue, developed a research plan, drafted study materials, refined them, pushed the whole shebang live, and started gathering data before leaving for the evening like it was no big deal.
- Interaction Design Colleague at Google